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This was the week to be thankful. To cherish everything great about professional wrestling and to eat yourself into a food coma while trying very hard not to mention politics or liberalism at the family table, probably. For some, the fact that 2017 is almost over (with only one PPV left to play out) is reason enough to give thanks, but there's no denying there've been some stunning highs this year.

Hopefully, there might be a little left in the tank yet, though it mostly won't feature John Cena, who apparently won't reappear until December 26th or Sami Zayn, who allegedly still has heat for being sent home from the UK tour. Everything else will no doubt start to set up the big PPVs of 2018, with rumbles of new feuds, scrapped feuds for Finn Balor and Jason Jordan and the possibility of a female Royal Rumble to deal with the stagnation in the divisions that prompted the recent call-ups.

Let's hope that all leads to more things we can be thankful for.

And with everyone gorging on turkey and carbs, the superstars past and present took to social media to show off their Thanksgiving selfies, their holiday workout commitment and their gigantic show collections.

This was the week in WWE Instagram...

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