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UltraFire C8 flashlight torch with Cree XML T6 / U2 LED

Here we take a look at UltraFire C8 with XML-T6 / U2 Cree LED  flashlight torch that was purchased for under $10 shipped (just 4 days).  At high mode it measured just a little over 3 amps while med an low were consuming way less current and as such should provide many hours of use and trouble free service due to min heat produced. Unfortunately light does not have the memory of the last setting and always starts with the next mode. As water proofing- it should have come better prepared as without front glass seal it would get wet even during the rain if mounted on the bicycle as some might do. Since body and "star" that has LED marked differently it is not known for sure what type of bin was used to assemble the light...perhaps even the lowest S4...which is still not bad (low 500 lumens) ...but it is definitely not 1800 lumen torch as it was mentioned in the e-bay auction. From the close up (after cleaning the diode) it appeared that LED is most likely is the Cree XML as it looks very similar to the one shown in the Cree's website and in documentation.

 Once tested the following was done to improve it:

1) Filled gaps between "star" ends and a "pill" with thermal paste 

2) Cleaned LED with alcohol

3) Replaced green button with a black one from 3-1/2" 9 LED light, that was given away for free at Harbor Freight Tools. Also replaced front contact spring with the longer one from above 9 LED light (Item # 69111 or 69052) to ensure good electrical contact.

4) Had to silicone front glass as there was no seal / gasket.

5) "Siliconed" rubber button to prevent moisture from entering the switch area

6) Replaced 2 smaller rubber seals as they were too thin.

7) Reassembled button switch to ensure steady operation.

Once above mods were performed - the light started to look more like a budget version of SureFire or Fenix flashlight that is well made and properly assembled with adequate water seals right at the factory. As beam pattern goes C8 is more of a gun flash light due to narrow beam and as such might come less handy for average hiker /biker that would most likely prefer a wider and more even light pattern.